• Database Design & Data Management
  • Thematic Mapping & Spatial Analysis
  • Data Compilation
  • Cartographic Design
  • Plan Map, Cross Sections, 3D Model
  • Base Map Compilation
  • Surface & Drill Data Management
  • Investor Presentation Imagery
  • Canada’s NTS Topo Maps with Digital Elevation
  • Custom Area Maps
  • Project Compilations

Why Black Mountain Mapping?

Here at Black Mountain Mapping, we love maps. We love looking at them and most of all we love making them, and helping their story be told. With over 20 years experience in mapping for the mineral exploration industry we have been able to transform streams of numbers, sheets and forms into imagery that conveys a story for geoscientists and CEOs.

The topography data applications used for these maps allowed us to apply these techniques to our outdoor recreational hobbies and pursuits. Creating custom topographic maps for the Okanagan, British Columbia and abroad.

Black Mountain Mapping Inc, has the ability to produce custom professional maps required for your applications. Focusing on reliable data sources, and utilizing the latest software and hardware, Black Mountain Mapping provides clients with dependable spatial information.